Shanghai Yuhong Enterprise Development Group Co., Ltd.'s (hereinafter: YuhongGroup) is a comprehensive investment group covers three core areas of mineral exploitation, industrial park investment and investment bank. Yuhong Group takes the "industry + finance" dual-engine as the core model, combines industrial resources and industrial capital advantages, promotes synergies between enterprises, stimulates potential cooperation opportunities and more development channels. We are willing to work with top entrepreneurs to develop marketing channels, provide business operation plans, find strategic partners, help enterprises develop and achieve industrial upgrading.

Yuhong Group grasps regional opportunities, to deepen the layout, and opens up the global market by importing overseas strategic partners, in excavating, purchasing and managing the business and assets with strong increment potential and prospect for investment. To enforce Group's strategy of "bringing in and going out", Yuhong Group promotes the dominant productivity in China to be integrated and enhanced in international competition, and stimulates the long-term cooperation between the domestically growing market demand and globally renowned brands, advanced technologies, quality resources, in realizing the international development strategy of mutual advantage complementarity and mutual benefit.


Equity Investment

Cultural Tourism

International Trade

Intelligence Technology

Infrastructure Investment

Yuhong Group possesses multiple business lines covering equity investment, asset management, overseas mergers and acquisitions, and financial services. It provides comprehensive financial service solutions for high-net-worth individuals, institutions, enterprises and governments, and ensures safe, stable, value-added, and profitable capital investment through strict risk control systems and means.

Yuhong Group vigorously merges into China's consumer inudstry reform, has closely-knit with consumption transformation, seizes investment opportunities focusing on new consumption trends and grasps industry resources in corresponding to the national supply-side reform strategy.

Yuhong Group devotes to introducing overseas quality products into domestic market. The business scope is the operation and management of the state-owned assets within the scope of authorization, involved in the fields of trade and commerce circulation, industrial investment, economic cooperation, etc. Yuhong Group, whose market covering the whole world has established extensive and stable cooperative relationship with well-known merchants from all over the world, and mainly engaged in the precious metal, minerals, light industry products, medical products, agricultural and sideline products,etc.

Digital business, artificial intelligence, smart terminals and the Internet of Things will change the social and economic landscape amid the development of a new round of wisdom revolution with the promotion of industrial technology. Yuhong Group grasps the investment opportunities brought about by the big wave of technological change and fosters plans in the core of the industry chain in advance.

Yuhong group provides investment management business of infrastructure projects to customers through PPP (Public-Private collaboration) in the infrastructure industry. Relying on the strong capital operation and management ability of the group, we could build a ppp+ecosystem concluded investment (and financing )-construction management-operation management that provides comprehensive investment and financing construction schemes for various projects.

Remarks From President

President & Founder Yuhong Group

Dr. Ricky DONG

Ricky has a PhD in Finance, an MBA, and a National First Class Professional Manager Certification. He is also a holder of a number of qualifications in securities investment consulting and investment funds. With more than 15 years of leadership experience in the financial industry, Ricky has an outstanding ability to manage top talents in securities, funds, trusts and other multi-financial fields. He demonstrated superior resource integration and unique investment insights. His experiences include serving as the vice president of Universal Travel Gro (NYSE: UTA), project director of Pingan Private Wealth Management Co., Ltd., deputy general manager of Sichuan Trust Co., Ltd., general manager of Guowei Wealth Management Group, and president of Hong Kong Toipo Capital International Investment Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd. He is now the Chairman and President of Yuhong Group.

Yuhong has gone through three years since it was founded on June 12, 2014. The company's cumulative allocation of assets had exceeded ten billion to become the leading domestic investment management agencies in the past years.

Our mission is to create new value for our country, society and customers continuously. If finance breaks away from the real economy, it will become the "water without source" and "wood without water". Therefore, we should promote economic transformation effectively by selecting investment ideas that accord with industrial policies and innovate and upgrade, and guide social capital to "invest in national interests with wealth and realize mutual benefit and win-win". Down-to-earth investment in physical industries to promote positive interaction between production and finance and growth of social wealth which is the root of China's future economic development.

Yuhong will closely follow the paces of the major national strategic, such as national rejuvenation, economic transformation, "Belt and Road", regional integration and soon, conform to the trend, layout flexibly in the future. In the historical process of the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, under the background of China's economic transformation and upgrading, we will help you seize the opportunity by taking advantage of the power, the bright way, and the superior skill". Yu Hong will provide you "the heart of the craftsman's work" with adhering to the "spirit of the craftsman" through careful selection and strict wind control in the end.