Industrial Park


The investment management of Yuhong Group has formed the “full industrial chain + finance” model of industrial investment, operation management, restructuring and M&A, also integrated the upstream and downstream links of the industrial chain, and implemented the investment strategy of “investment bank + investment + listed company”. While providing capital instruments such as equity and creditor's rights, the company customizes financial services such as mergers and acquisitions, splits, and listings.

Industrial Park Planning

Yuhong Group makes a profound study on the planning background, development orientation, layout, investment strategy, park operation management, etc. Provide industrial plan and site plan based on the local conditions. Open up the layout around the regional leading industry, take advantage of the leading role of dominant industry and quality company, promote the development of industry and enterprise, and inform the excellent layout of cooperative development, reaction capability and competitive ability of the enterprise.

Industrial park operation

The industrial park operation focuses on the integration of park, enterprise, and the third-party to get the win-win ecological comb and building. In order to development of the industrial park, we will deeply integrate government resources, industry resources, enterprise resources, partners, intermediary services, finance, institutions and other resources to form a community of life. Give full play to the centralized advantages of the park, attract investment to settle in the park, and enable the park to achieve sustainable competitiveness and diversified profitability, and truly maximize the value of industrial operations.

High-end Equipment



Intelligence (AI)

Project case

CRRC Corporation Limited (CRRC)

CRRC Corporation Limited (CRRC), as a world-leading rail transit equipment manufacturer with first-class technologies, serves as a business card for China to go to the world. Through the capital cooperation and by cooperation with Wuxi High-tech Zone and CRRC, YuhongGroup established the "CRRC Industrial Park in Wuxi" with the industry funds of five billion yuan for the sake of introducing high-end equipment manufacturing, new material and new energy projects around the world to foster the development of emerging industries and boost China's industrial upgrading. The project has become a model project in the industrial park of CRRC. In 2019, this project will be duplicated in more cities in cooperation with the Yonghong Group. Through cooperation with CRRC, Yuhong Group completed the layout in terms of high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials and environmental protection industries.

Changde City Taiyangshan

120 million RMB: early stage financing for “Changde City Taiyangshan Forest Recreational Characteristic Town Project”.

Citizen Culture and Health Square, Beita District, Shaoyang City

Project Overview: It belongs to the Citizen Culture and Health Square project, covering an area of about 370 acres and costing about 600 million yuan. It aims to build a comprehensive civic cultural and health center integrating medical care, recreation, culture, education, entertainment and tourism. The implementation of the project has accelerated the construction of public cultural infrastructure in Beita District, revitalizing existing cultural facilities resources, making good use of new cultural facilities, and improving the utilization rate and service level of cultural facilities. The project aims to build a full-coverage public cultural service system, promote the development of sports health industry, strengthen urban functions, shape urban windows, improve the living environment and investment environment of urban residents, and promote the rapid economic development of Beita District to realize the urban development strategy goal of Shaoyang “road network expansion city, commercial and trade city, cultural tourism city, ecological show city”.The North Tower District of Shaoyang City, Hunan Province, the construction of the city of Shaoyang City, Hunan Province, and the Shanghai Yuhong Enterprise Development Group jointly established a total of 10 billion yuan of industrial guidance funds, receiving the first phase of the fund of 2 billion funds. As such, the project is expected to be official launch in 2018.

Emeishan Mountain Rounding West Line PPP project

Project Overview: along Hongjin Road, the road construction level is Grade II, the design speed of 60KM/H, the roadbed width of 24.5 meters, the total length of the route of 24.045 kilometers, the total investment of 2.78 billion yuan, and the proposed construction period of 48 months. It is of great political and economic significance to ensure that Emeishan City is the growth rate of the tourism national economy and effectively expand domestic demand.

Financing Arrangement: 2.78 billion PPP project financing of Hongjin Road, Huanxi Road, Emeishan City; construction of EPC cost accounting, full-process financing arrangement.

Changsha Dawangshan Xiangjiang Happy City

Project Overview: It is located in the south of Changsha, on the west bank of Xiangjiang River. It is a tourism complex covering an area of 1.6 square kilometers with a total construction area of 500,000 square meters and a total investment of 12 billion yuan. This Happy City will be an indoor ski resort with the theme of “changing face” of waste cement mines with a width of 400 meters and a depth of 100 meters – Snow World (Happy Snow, Happy Water Village), becoming the main part of Xiangjiang Happy City, a tourism complex integrating tourism, shopping and leisure in Hunan. The project will open at the end of 2017. Upon completion, it will become a national tourism industry giant that surpasses Guangzhou Changlong and Shenzhen East OCT, expecting to receive 100,000 person-times per day, with an annual reception volume of 15 million people and an annual income of 3 billion yuan. Financing Arrangement: Key Project of Hunan Xiangjiang New District, PPP Demonstration Project, involving the pre-project reporting, review, warehousing, bidding, financing, and construction. Happy City has a total investment of 8.7 billion yuan. As of 2016-12, the snow world hotel structure is capped, the ice and snow world is deepened, and the ice and snow equipment is recruited.

Water Treatment

900 million RMB: “The Sichuan Pang Sports Center and Wetland Park PPP Project” – accounting for 45% of total shares.

Pangyang Yuliangzhou Tourism

120 million RMB: early stage financing for "Pangyang Yuliangzhou Tourism Distribution Center PPP Project”.

Rail Transit

2.65 billion RMB: "PPP Project of Lanzhou New District Modern Tram Line 1 and Line 2 Phase I" – accounting for 28% of total shares.

Utility Tunnel

1.28 billion RMB: “Yinchuan underground comprehensive pipe corridor and supporting infrastructure PPP project II”.

Road Construction

2.016 billion RMB:“PPP project for area road in the Chengnan Bake District South City Economic and Trade Zone”, which includes construction and planning for 14.3 km road.


666 million RMB: “Comprehensive management of the Beichuan River ecological river construction project phase I”